Club Competitions Schedule


Well done to the following players, they are playing in the semi-finals of the BGN Trips (coming Sunday at Wingate):
Blondie van Vuuren, Corlise Fourie, Marissa Fourie;
Arthur Tingle, Phil Bailey, Willem Erasmus,
We wish you all the best!

Please note, the club competitions will continue the weekend of 28/29 April 2018.
If your name is not timely on the leave list, please expect to be carded – no excuses.

Please note the leave list closes every Saturday at 17:00.
If your name is not on the leave list, then you will be carded – no excuses will be allowed, no games will be re-scheduled.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Tabs in and announcements at 13:30
Duty Steward: H Engelbrecht
Umpire: Volunteer
All games to start at 14:00 unless otherwise specified.

Men’s Championship Pairs
W Esterhuizen, P Burger vs D Troskie, H Harmse
B van der Westhuizen, H Botha vs J Erlank, R Beukes

Men’s Championship Singles at 14:00
K Alexander vs G Fourie (marker: M Engelbrecht)

Mixed Trips
D Mitchell, P Bailey, C Troskie vs F van Vuuren, F Channer, J Barnard

Ladies Championship Singles at 14:00
L Priestley vs H Engelbrecht (marker: J Slotow)
M Minnaar vs C Lottering (marker: M van Gass)

Ladies Senior Singles at 14:00
C Zeiss vs S Riekert (marker: S Brits)

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Tabs in and announcements at 08:45
Duty Steward: J Gillespie
Umpire: Volunteer
All games to start at 09:00 unless otherwise specified.

Men’s Drawn Fours
F van Vuuren, P Burger, B van der Westhuizen, H Botha (22) vs
H Nel, M Engelbrecht, J van der Merwe, Taonan Rungano (23)

Men’s Championship Pairs
Buks Bothma, J Gillespie vs S Brits, J Bothma

Men’s Handicap Singles at 09:00
CG Beukes (1) vs K Alexander (7) (marker: H Engelbrecht)

Ladies Drawn Pairs
C Zeiss, M Pieterse (12) vs F Channer, N Mentz (11)

Mixed Pairs
P Bailey, L Priestley vs M Minnaar, A Viljoen

Hannetjie Engelbrecht
Competition Secretary
082 354 3101