Club Competitions Schedule

Social bowls tabs in at 13:30 every Tuesday and Friday. Dress code: Informal.
Green fees R15.00 for non-members.


The Munies Open Masters Singles Competition will be played on Saturday, 31 August 2019 and Sunday, 1 September 2019. Entry fee is R100 per player. The entry form is on the notice board in the locker, closing date is 23 August 2019, 17:00. Please study the completion rules carefully (from the recent approved by-laws):


12.1. Any club member is allowed to enter. However the number of entries will be restricted to 48 players.

12.2. In the event that the number of entries exceed 48, the men’s and ladies selectors will have the right to pick the final 48 players. Furthermore the men’s and ladies selectors will seed the players in the 8 sections consisting of 6 players each.

12.3. It is a mixed singles competition played with only three (3) bowls. Each game is played over 12 ends, 3 skins of 4 ends. 1 point per end, 2 points per skin and 4 points for a win. 2 points for a draw. Therefore each game consists of a maximum of 22 points and these points determine the winner of match irrespective of the score.

12.4. The player with the highest points in his or her section qualifies for the knock out rounds of the open masters.

12.5. Those who come runners-up in their respective section qualify for the knock out rounds of the president’s masters. The presidents knock out will be based on a handicap system (each player will be given a handicap before the tournament in case they qualify for the presidents masters).

12.6. No markers are to be used. The person who wins the mat (toss) will decide the jack placement on the first end. There are two jacks per rink and the winner of the previous end places the jack anywhere on the centre line that he or she wants, as long as it constitutes a legal length and remains 2m from the ditch. There are no burnt ends. If an end is burnt, the jack is to be respotted on the centre 2m mark.

12.7. The masters is to be played over one weekend. Morning and afternoon will be used on the Saturday and Sunday. Only people who are available for all the time slots should enter. Because of the amount of potential entries, breaks will be kept to a minimum. The amount of sections and number of players in a section will be decided by the amount of entries and the selectors (read together with 12.2).

12.8. An entry fee from each person will be asked and the proceeds will be split 60% to the open masters’ winner and 40% the presidents’ winner.

The following ladies entered for the Ladies 2 Bowl Singles. The draw will be done Friday 26 July 2019, 17:00.
Men, this is the time to honour our ladies, let’s spoil them and volunteer to be a marker.

Hannetjie Engelbrecht
Esme Botha
Martie Rynners
Nola Mentz
Rina Meiring
Jean Eastes
Cathy Erlank
Lesley Prietsley
Susan Riekert
Colleen Zeiss
Sonet Vos

The following men volunteered to be markers:
Marius Engelbrecht
Johan Erlank
Spyker Brits

If any lady still wants to enter, please inform me before end of business Wednesday, 24 July 2019. Also I need more markers, men please assist.

Please note the leave list (hard copy) and e-leave closes every Saturday at 17:00
If your name is not on the leave list, then you will be carded.
No excuses will be allowed, no games will be re-scheduled.

Saturday 27 July 2019


Tabs in and announcements at 08:45
Duty Steward: H Engelbrecht
Umpire: Volunteer
All games to start at 09:00 unless otherwise specified

Ladies 2 Bowl Singles
Format of play will be announced before starting time


Tabs in and announcements at 13:45
Duty Steward: D Mitchell
Umpire: Volunteer
All games to start at 14:00 unless otherwise specified

Mixed Pairs
D Mitchell, S Mitchell vs E Phillips, R Phillips

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Tabs in and announcements at 08:45
Duty Steward: M Rynners
Umpire: Volunteer
All games to start at 09:00 unless otherwise specified

Ladies Championship Pairs (pending on the progress made with the 2 bowl singles, will be confirmed Saturday afternoon)
M van Gass, J Eastes vs M Rynners, N Mentz

Hannetjie Engelbrecht
Competition Secretary
082 354 3101